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    How can I set FX3 about Internal Clock.?


      Hi All,

      I am working cypress FX3. I changed clock setting in GPIF designer to internal clock. I just modified Clock settings in GPIF II Designer.

      and CyU3PPibClock_t is initialized like below..


      pibclock.clkDiv      = 2;

      pibclock.clkSrc      = CY_U3P_SYS_CLK;

      pibclock.isDllEnable = CyFalse;

      pibclock.isHalfDiv   = CyFalse;


      But, I could not probe the any signal..


      How can I set FX3 firmware about Internal Clock.??

      should I changed Any other sources?


      please give me some advices..



      Best Regards,

      Ted Lee.

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          Hello Ted Lee,


          The maximum frequency of GPIF clock supported is 100 MHz

          As SYS_CLK can be 384 MHz or 403.2 MHZ, if pibclock.clkDiv      = 2; then the value of pib clock will be  192 MHz or 201 MHz respectively, which is not supported by GPIF.


          So if the GPIF clock is configured as internal clock the pibclock.clkDiv   should be >= 4



          Please let me know if any queries on this