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    PSoC4 BLE : Setting of bonding




      We are developing equipment using PSoC4 BLE.

      The device under development is often turned off due to low power.


      So I have the following questions:


      In other words, between the device and the iOS application,
      BLE reconnection must be done frequently.
      Is there a way to make that reconnection easy and smooth?


      Is it possible to solve the above by setting BLE to Bonding?
      Gap settings-> Security-> bondhing requirement (Bonding)


      Do you have a sample project that you can check with CySmart?



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          Whenever the device turned ON, BLE will be started(if CyBle_Start() function is called) and CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON event will be generated, if you call CyBle_GappStartAdvertisement() function in that event then device starts advertising (Cysmart App can scan and connect to that device). Please refer to the 'BLE_FindMe' code example in the PSoC Creator.

          If you are doing the Pairing process (i.e., two devices are authenticated, encrypted and exchanges secured data over the BLE interface) then bonding can be used, in which the keys and the identity information exchanged during the pairing process are saved. After devices are bonded, they do not have to go through the pairing process again when reconnected.
          Please refer to the Day015_Bonding example project from the GitHub for more information on bonding.


          P Yugandhar.