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    Wi-Fi setup with BCM43438


      I am currently working with a custom PCB with a STM32F415 micro and BCM43438 wifi chip (SPI communication).


      I have successfully flashed the snip.scan app, however I'm getting empty results:

      # Type  BSSID            RSSI  Rate Chan  Security        SSID


      Scan complete in 893 milliseconds


      (malloced_scan_result.status is equal to WICED_SCAN_COMPLETED_SUCCESSFULLY)


      I suspect the issue may be an invalid wifi_nvram_image.h: I'm currently using the one provided by platforms/BCM943364WCD1.

      Is this compatible with the BCM43438? If not, where could I find the correct image? gangiguxu_2136206

      Any feedback is dearly appreciated!


      Thank you,



      PS: I'm running WICED-SDK-3.3.1.