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    cyusb_linux improvements: install / uninstall, update to Qt5


      Hello community, hello cypress team,


      During the last weeks I used the latest cyusb_linux (version 1.0.5) and found some improvement possibilities.

      My results are available at GitHub - Ho-Ro/cyusb_linux.


      Major changes in two main areas:

      • Gui: port to Qt5
      • Gui: removed a lot of C++11 warnings
      • Gui: some cosmetics
      • Makefile: make install (install as root)

      • Makefile: make uninstall (clean uninstall as root)
      • Makefile: make deb (Build a Debian package as user)
        This package can be cleanly installed and uninstalled on Debian and Ubuntu systems.
        The deb packages checkinstall and fakeroot are necessary to use this feature.


      Please check and comment!


      Last but not least, two questions to cypress:

      • What is your linux roadmap for the cyusb suite?
      • Are there any plans to support the GPIF design (for FX2LP) under linux?


      CU, Martin