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    How to change configuration without 'cypress configuration util'.




      I did test I2C/SPI interface with CYUSBS236 Kit.




      I want to change dev type (I2C / SPI / UART)  without cypress configuration util.


      because new board will be made with CY7C65215 + Another chip and be controlled cfg/protocol with new MFC tool in Win OS.

      (We not have plan to add ROM for CY7C65215)


      So Is there any method to change dev type and protocol parameter value in code level?


      Linux library have functions expected change it , for example , CySelectDeviceType / CySelectInterface .


      But windows library not has symbol of that.


      I did already search about this question.

      Below ticket not have any solution for question.


      Re: CY7C65215 - Programming the configuration flash


      Please let me know how to set configuration in windows code level.




      - Windows OS

      - Control and Set CY7C65215 with new MFC tool.

      - We can't reuse cypress cfg util.

      - We need API (or lib) to change configuration value.