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    Maximum x-axis position and y position


      Hi, relating to the trackpad and pads dimensions, how should I change the Maximum x-axis and y-axis positions?

      In the CapSense_CSD_P4_Trackpad_Gesture code example values of 395 and 395 are used, what is the choice based on?

      I'm building a trackpad which is much smaller then traditional pc trackpads, its is 5 col, 6 rows, but I could also do 5x5.

      In the first case should I have different values of x and y?

      If the dimensions of the trackpad are lower and the relative dimension of the finger is higher should I increase the 2 parameters?

      For example if my trackpad is 1/2  - 1/3 of a traditional trackpad dimension, should I increase the values from 395 to 800-1200 or decrease them by a 2 factor to 200 ??


      I'm currently scanning at 16 bits resolution, 12000 Hz with a CyBle 214015-01

      Thank you for the advices

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          First of all we recommend you to use the same dimensions of sensors (diamond pattern size, gap between diamond pattern) as that of the Trackpad design since it is tested by us.


          Based on your trackpad physical dimensions you can reduce/increase the number of rows/columns. In your case since the size of your trackpad is less than the one recommended by us, you can reduce the number of rows and columns.


          Now since you are using same dimensions as that of our reference trackpad, you can reduce the values of x and y co-ordinates in the same ratio (decrease them by a 2 factor to 200).


          Please implement these changes and check once, if they dont work we can help you in finding different set of tuning parameters.