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        I found datasheets with mcu's list and some ID in psoc creator, but I need list all psoc 6 silicon id numbers.
        Its possible to get it from somewhere?

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          You are right. I have asked the internal team to update the product selector guide to list all devices. However, I don't think there's any webpage that lists the Silicon IDs. You can find the Silicon IDs of PSoC6 devices in the PSoC Programmer installation directory at the path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Devices" in the files "CY8C60xx.dat", "CY8C61xx.dat", "CY8C62xx.dat" and "CY8C63xx.dat".


          Note that this doesn't have PSoC6 2M and some other newer devices which are supported as part of Cypress Programmer. The way it works now in Cypress Programmer is, we read the Silicon ID from the SFlash address rather than from a file.


          You could do something like this in your code to get the IDs. Not sure what your requirement is, but providing a small snippet of that if it helps:

             uint8_t rev_id = CY_GET_REG8(SFLASH_BASE + 1);
             uint16_t silicon_id = CY_GET_REG16(SFLASH_BASE + 2);
             uint16_t family_id = CY_GET_REG16(SFLASH_BASE + 0x0C);
             printf("Revision ID: 0x0%X \r\n", rev_id);
             printf("Silicon revision: 0x0%X\r\n", silicon_id);
             printf("Silicon revision: 0x0%X\r\n", family_id);


          Check SFlash PDL documentation for more information.