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    Past case study for data toggle error for CY7C66113-PVC, CY7C64013-SC,CY7C63723-PC.




      At startup, their Host controller mounted on the board transfers the CYC7C66113 (HUB) → CY7C64013SC, CY7C63723PC, etc.
      If accessed, a USB communication error may occur, and they are investigating.
      The host controller uses a USB2.0 compliant product, but CYPRESS CYC7C66113 and CY7C64013SC are described as compliant with USB1.1.


      Are there any examples of failures that cause errors (cannot operate) due to differences in USB standards?
      Since the 2.0 standard also includes the USB 1.1 standard, I think that it is not a problem due to the difference in the standard,
      but,  please let us know if you have any cases in the past.


      Also, CY7C66113-PVC and CY7C64013-SC are targeted devices with PCN040142,
      In their system , CY7C66113-PVC/CY7C64013-SC is used to transfer from LOW SPEED to FULL SPEED. Does this bug(Data toggle) apply?

      Also, in the old version of CY7C66113-PVC/CY7C64013-SC, does it mean that a communication error may occur when transferring from LOW SPEED to FULL SPEED?


      Is it ok to think that it is possible to solve this problem by using revA device( Both CY7C66113-PVC and CY7C64013-SC) ?


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