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    Project refresh resource tree aftger every operation




      I'm doing my first steps in the wiced environment and encounter a very disturbing issue:

      After every operation clean/build/download etc. I get the ide halted for pretty long time saying "Refreshing resource tree..."

      IS it mandatory? Can it be worked around?


      I tried to reinstall java and remove the build logging in project properties to no avail....



      Any advice is appreciated.




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          "Refreshing resource tree..." is mandatory and is a built-in feature of eclipse to keep tracking of all files.


          I tried to reproduce your issue. I found that this operation would surely be executed every time the compilation finished, just as what you had been encountered. It's just that it usually ends up very quickly.


          Please check if your workspace contains too much files or your device is not running in high performance.


          You can also try to verify your options. In the dialogue "Preference" listed in "Window -> Preference", try to change the options in category "C/C++ -> Indexer" and "General -> Workspace" to see if this helps.


          The link below may help you understand this:




          Sincere regards from C. L.


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