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    CY7C65634-48AXF (HX2VL) USB hub doesn't work when connected to USB-C adapter on Mac

      I have a board with an integrated USB hub (CY7C65634-48AXF, and 2 peripherals on-board.  The device has a standard (i.e. the large one) USB-B connector (for mechanical robust-ness), The design has been working flawlessly, until a customer connected a standard USB-A to USB-B cable to a USB-A to USB-C adapter, then plugged that USB-C adapter into a modern Mac Mini's USB-C port.


      Here's a diagram to explain the issue:



      I've seen that if I first plug the USB A to C adapter into the computer, the VBUS is 5V, and everything works as expected.  But if I first plug the adapter onto the cable, then the adapter into the Mac, VBUS never goes high.


      This is a self-powered CY7C65634-48AXF.


      Is this a known problem?  Any solutions?