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    Connecting up to 4 image sensors LVDS to FX3



      We are looking into using the FX3 to connect up to 4 image sensors together using LVDS.


      Each camera is potentially a 1 lane LVDS, grey scale 8 bit sensor with 640 x 480 resolution at 100 FPS, which is about 1 Gbps. This should in theory be low enough for USB3.1. Optimally we want to obtain 4 different images, but if that is not possible, one large combined image, which we can separate later our self is also acceptable.


      It it possible LVDS-wise, to connect up to 4 sensors at this speed on the FX3?

      At this point, is there any other complications that can be foreseen using this concept?


      If there is another chip we are not aware of, which can do this, we are also interested in that.



      Nicolai C.