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    Question about "Data# Polling Algorithm" flowchart in S29JL064H datasheet.


      Hi Cypress team,

      In S29JL064H datasheet page 33, there's the "Data# Polling Algorithm" flow char, as shown below:

      At “DQ5=1?", the "No" arrow leads to the beginning of "DQ7=Data?"

      -- Is this accurate? I think here we should let it return to the previous read op, viz. it should lead to the "Read DQ7-DQ0 Addr = VA" square after "START".


      My guess is confirmed in S29JL064J datasheet page 35 Figure 8, and S29GL01GT datasheet page 39 Figure 7, whose "Data# Polling Algorithm" are as follows:

      Can you confirm which flow chart is correct? The Figure 11.1 in S29JL064H datasheet seems inaccurate, can you confirm this?

      Thank you & Best Regards~!


      March 1, 2020