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    S29jl064j simulation model compile error.


      Hi there,

      I'm currently using S29jl064j simulation model in my design. I experienced some problems during the sim job, so I intend to use the testbench inside of the simulation model to re-run the sim, and see what the device model behaves.

      Following the instructions in the manual (S29jl064j\Model_Manual_English.pdf):

      •  conversions.vhd : compile to library FMF

      •  gen_utils.vhd: compile to library FMF

      •  model.vhd: compile to library work

      The file model.vhd depends on conversion.vhd and gen_utils.vhdand therefore needs to be compiled only after these two files.

      I do the sim according to above requirements, but the simulator just throws error info:

      ** Error: (vcom-11) Could not find work.amd_tc_pkg.

      ** Error: D:/UFD_sync/delete/S29jl064j/utilities/CreateSDF/testbench.vhd(41): (vcom-1195) Cannot find expanded name "work.amd_tc_pkg".

      ** Error: D:/UFD_sync/delete/S29jl064j/utilities/CreateSDF/testbench.vhd(41): Unknown expanded name.

      ** Error: D:/UFD_sync/delete/S29jl064j/utilities/CreateSDF/testbench.vhd(46): VHDL Compiler exiting

      From the error info, it seems like something "amd_tc_pkg" is missing. I searched through all files in the simulation model directory, and I only find the following lines in testbench.vhd model:

      LIBRARY work;

          USE work.amd_tc_pkg.ALL;

      Such "amd_tc_pkg" is used here, but it is NOT defined anywhere else.

      So my questions are:

      How can I fix the error?

      How do I run simulation with the "\S29jl064j\utilities\CreateSDF\testbench.vhd" testbench?