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    Reset command after polling DQ5 failure in Parallel NOR Flash program/erase op?


      Hi there,

      For S29JL064J, if the Data# Polling Algorithm (which polls DQ7 and DQ5) after the current Word Program op gives me DQ5=1 failure, then according to datasheet, "the system must write the reset command to return to the read mode".

      My questions are:

      1, After this reset command, is it OK that I immediately issue the next Word Program operation at the next word address? If so, what will happen? Is this an acceptable operation flow?

      2, Similarly, if polling gives DQ5=1 after a Sector Erase, can I send in Reset Command and immediately do Sector Erase at the next sector address?

      3, If after program or erase of a certain address, the polling gives DQ5=1, then how should I deal with this address? Should I just abandon it and never use it again, or try to program/erase this address again?

      4, If program or erase op polls DQ5 = 1 and I send in a reset command, then how much time do I have to wait before I start a next program/erase/read operation? For Hardware Reset (RESET# pin) op there's the tRH timing spec; is there such a similar "minimum time requiement" after Reset Command?

      5, Do the above rules apply to S29JL064H, S29GL256P, S29gl01GT as well?

      Thanks & BR


      Feb 28, 2020