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    Terminal Component - Simplifies UART or USBUART communication


      Summary - This new user component is designed to make it easier to access the UART-type communication services using the Cypress UART component or the Cypress USBUART component.


      This is particularly useful if your code already uses the UART component.  Substituting the "Term" component in place of the UART should allow for nearly seamless build since most of the UART API calls are supported.


      With the "Term" component can change the UART type to "USBUART".  This uses the PSoC's USB port as a Cypress UART communication port.  When using this UART type, some of the Cypress UART API calls are supported to seamless build with the new UART type under many situations.


      Hardware Required - This is targeted for any PSoC5.  To use the UART type = USBUART, the PSoC5 you are using must support the USB resource.


      Software Required - PSoC Creator 4.0 or higher.


      Firmware Details - I've compiled with the standard GCC.  I'm not aware of any other compiler incompatibilities.


           Component Symbol

           Component Configuration Tab


      Hardware Connections The USBUART configuration automatically assigns the PSoC pins (P15.6 and P15.7).  The UART configuration may require you to manually configure which pins are to be used.  For example: The kit CY8CKIT-059 uses P12.6 (Rx) and P12.7 (Tx) for access to the KitProg UART COM port.


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      PS: Thanks to /odissey1 for his template and counsel.