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    CYW20706 pairing to headset




      Is it possible to use the CYW20706 in embedded mode and pair with ANY headset for hands-free using only buttons (no menu driven app or display)?



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          Hi ScottK_91,


          Do you mean if the device should be capable of connecting to any existing BT headset ?? Please clarify .


          Do you want 20706 in only HFP or A2DP source as well?


          Please have a look at our examples available in WICED SDK


          For Handsfree , please refer /20706-A2_Bluetooth/apps/snip/bt/hci_handsfree

          For A2DP source . refer C:\Users\anpm\Documents\WICED-Studio-6.4_final\common\apps\demo\watch



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            I had found those examples, thanks.


            I should have given a better problem statement addressing pairing a commercially available headset to an end product using the 20706 to stream audio and implementing HF.


            Pairing exchanges keys. Bonding stores keys/peer_addr to the nvram   Pairing requires a user interface to input those keys.  If the end product does not have a display menu or keypad to enter the pairing key to the headset, could this be accomplished using buttons on the end product as an interface?

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              Pairing does not necessarily require user interface. It all depends on the capabilities of pair of device and security requirements. If Man in the Middle protection is not required, both devices can claim No Input No Output capabilities. The pairing will be established without user being involved. They call it and "Just Works" pairing. I believe most of the SDK samples are using this method. See


                          p_event_data->pairing_io_capabilities_ble_request.local_io_cap          = BTM_IO_CAPABILITIES_NONE;



                          p_event_data->pairing_io_capabilities_br_edr_request.local_io_cap = BTM_IO_CAPABILITIES_NONE;


              Having said that, some Handsfree devices may not allow you to pair without MITM protection.

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                Thank you.  This introduces a new challenge.  If there are multiple BR/EDR devices in pairing mode how will the end product know which to pair with?

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                  I guess it all depends on what your end product needs to do. If it needs to connect to any, it will connect to the first one it finds. If it needs to connect to the closest, it can ran inquiry scan for a while and select the one with lowest RSSI. It may need to connect to the one with specific name, or specific address, or the one with specific service...