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    PSoC6 BLE Directed Advertising Example using BT 5.0 extensions.


      Does anyone know of a good resource or code example showing the use of directed advertising for PSoC6 BLE 5.0 that also leverages the advertising extensions, secondary advertising channels to give more frequency diversity?


      Cypress used to provide an excellent portfolio of code examples for the other versions of BLE but can't seem to find the same for the newer PSoC BLE stack.


      Looking at using directed advertising to send a message to a specific BLE device but not connecting.  Can send enough data between devices in the advertising payload.


      We will be using BLE extensions for advertising to use all channels because the application will be in a congested 2.4GHz RF domain, lots of Bluetooth and wifi running at the same time but with no direct interactions.


      Thanks for any input you can provide.