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    CYBT-353027 - Maximum number of buffer pools for BT


      Hi folks,


      first post on the forum, little intro on the setup :


      Running modified version of SPP example (snip/bt/spp) on WICED-Studio-6.4 with cybt-353027, SPI communication is acheive with third party sensor. I would like to increase the amount of buffer pool to "buffer" data when connexion is weak or the device get out of range. I have modified the # of Large buffer to 75.


          { 360,      40,         }, /* Medium Buffer Pool (used for HCI & RFCOMM control messages, min recommended size is 360) */

          { 1056,     75,         }, /* Large Buffer Pool  (used for HCI ACL messages) */


      Altough, when connexion is weak/lost, GKI_poolfreecount(SPP_BUFFER_POOL) return a minimum of 64 free buffer and never get lower then that. Dataloss occurs when the # of buffer reach 64. I have tried with multiple value and same behavior occurs. 50 pools get a min at 42.


      I prefer not to post the code because of NDA.


      I was wondering if there is any internal limitation on the amount of buffer ?


      Thank you,


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          Hi Christophe,


          This depends on the available free RAM as well as buffer usage.


          You can use the wiced_bt_get_buffer_usage api to get the buffer utilization of the stack buffer pools. Please refer to WICED-Application-Buffer-Pools.pdf doc available in WICED SDK ( /20706-A2_Bluetooth/doc/WICED-Application-Buffer-Pools.pdf )


          To get the available free RAM bytes at run-time, use the wiced_memory_get_free_bytes ( /20706-A2_Bluetooth/include/wiced_memory.h ) api





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