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    Use problem of  CY4500ez-pd


           Dear all,


      Our company is a wireless charging Soc company,the photo #1 is our Tx demo board,he can support PD 、QC、 PPS and other protocols,

      Normally our Tx demo board can tramsmit under 40W to our Receiver demo board.

      But if the inserted cy4500ez-pd takes a long time to appear 20 lines and then never shows up again (photo#2).!!!( The board is still transmitting power),

      • our TX board only be used Sink.
      • The GUI-> CC Termination Settings  -> CC Line 1orCC Line 2,  all have been tried,but i donot know it is right or true.
      • which configuration i miss did?



      I want to use cy4500ez-pd read protocol message,colud you tell me what should I do?

      if anyone have any suggestion o rquestion  please tell me .