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    Simple Question


      I am new to this field. I am looking for a development board  that have the below functionalities:

      My background: A bit of C++ , a bit of Arduino , well in C# and many years of PLC (Programmable Logic Control).

      here is what i am looking for


      I believe in ARM world they called it as GPIO /PWM?


      a) Minimum 3 Analogue Input (0 to 10V)


      b) Minimum 4 Analogue Output (0 to 10V)


      c) Some Digital Input/Output


      d) What kind of Development tool I should look at?


      e) This will be tough.....What kind of learning curve should i expect?






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          Hi Simon, welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs!

          Your 0v to 10V analog requirement will need some R-R ladder or amplifier, Standard is 0 to max. 5V

          PSoCs are programmed in C-Language and have an ARM M0 as core.

          What separates the rest of the world from PSoCs: There is a lot of internal programmable hardware (as PWMs) that can be configured to run without using any CPU power.

          I would recommend a CY8CKIT-043 to start with. It contains a programmer/debugger board which can be snapped-off.

          Another choice would be a Pioneer kit which has got some more hardware to use out-of-the-box as LEDs, Capsense and I2C devices.

          Development requires to download and Install Cypress Creator latest version (4.2 or 4.3) for free. There are lots of examples that make that steep learning curve a bit easier to handle.


          Happy coding


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                 "Your 0v to 10V analog requirement will need some R-R ladder or amplifier, Standard is 0 to max. 5V "  , I knew about this, just hoping there is miracle without extra circuit. The Development IDE look quite OK to me. I checked through your suggestion. The pioneer kit looks interesting, but do you have something better than Pioneer Kit, as I may have a little bit more budget ? Also where can I buy Expansion Kit  such as Can bus , Digital I/O , Analogue Input and Analogue output for Pioneer kit?

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              The PSoC kits are made to help developers to instantly deliver a proof-of-concept or a prototype system. The small-format kits can be put on a breadboard and connected to additional hardware. Even CapSense buttons and sliders can be drawn using conductive ink and overhead foil. You probably need to search for breakout boards to easily connect external hardware to your kit. I made ready two different kits each on a large breadboard together with a logic analyzer, a USB hub (1 port for the programmer, 1 port for the LA). Additionally I got a box of experimental interface boards (Amazon: Raspi or Arduino world). With that equipment which is quite a bit more (or a byte more ) than the $10 for a prototyping kit I can easily build, debug, check and document a project within a few hours.



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                Check this kit

                PSoC5LP CY8CKIT-059


                it comes with 3 ADCs (2SAR +1DelSig), and 4 DACs (8-bit).