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    EZ-Serial with CYBT-2630xx-02 module


      We would like to use the CYBT-2630xx-02 module with the preprogrammed EZ-Serial communication interface.


      1. Right now, I can't see any firmware for the CYW20819 silicon at the module firmware platform. Is there any .hex / .bin file available for download? Or when will it be available?
      2. If 1 is positive, is it possible to update the firmware OTA with the btsdk-peer-apps-ota applications?
      3. I don't want to wait until the CYBT-2630xx-02 module is released. Is there a possibility to test my EZ-Serial configuration with the equivalent CYW920819EVB-02 eval board? So if 1 is positive, can I download this file to the eval board, too?


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