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    Can the CY4531 Evaluation Kit be used as a Client as opposed to a Host?


      We have a project coming in that is essentially two systems: A USB-C Host, and a USB-C Client, the host sourcing +20VDC (25W Max), DisplayPort/HDMI, and USB data lines to the Client over a single USB-C connection.


      I'm currently looking at eval kits to replicate this setup so we can get a jump on development.

      For the host, the CCG3 CY4531 Evaluation Kit looks to meet our needs, but I have a question as to the Client.  Would a second CY4531 Kit be able to fill the Client role such as is diagrammed below:


      What adjustments, if any, would need to be made on our end for this?



      Also, as a followup question, In a situation in which there are 2 Client devices, would the CY4541 Kit (CCG4) be able to drive both simultaneously (with PD, DP, and USB) as long as the total power draw is under the 100W PD limit?  Something like this:


      Just looking to confirm before dropping $$$ on anything.

      Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!