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    Could stack & application cyacd files combined?


      Good afternoon,


      On my project, I have implemented FOTA functionality for both Stack & Application on the PSoC 4.

      I managed to donwload new BLE Stack & Application firmware with CySmart tool on an Android device using "Two separate files" method.

      My question: is it possible to combine the Stack.cyacd & Application.cyacd files in one cyacd file, in order to use "Combine file" method?



      Thank you



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          Hi Bill,


          It should be possible but for doing that you have to use custom tool to bootload. Cypress doesn't have any ready implementation for that.


          Could you please tell the reason why you want to combine the .cyacd files?




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            Dear Ganesh,

             Thank you for your email. You are always willing to help and I appreciate this very much. 


            Currently I am using the Cypress CySmart Android based tool for firmware download (https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/cysmart-mobile-app). I the next future  we plan to develop a new proprietary software for FOTA. I consider that CySmart has on GUI, an option for FOTA in one file (combined files). I suspect that in a such cane this "combined" file consists of the Stack.cyacd and Application.cyacd files. 

            Is is true, or I have misunderstood?


            I believe that in case of one combined file FOTA, the whole procedure should be simpler & less error prone than the one with two separate files. That's the reason for I want to explore the possibility for one file FOTA.


            Do you have any idea about the method of combining the Stac and Application cyacd file in a single file?


            Your input on the previous issues by sure would be valuable.



            Best Regards


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              You can upgrade stack as well as application at one go using the same CySmart application. Fo that you have to use the option "Application and stack update" as shown in image "app_and_stack" attached.


              After that, you have to give paths for both stack as well as application cyacd files as shown in the image "path" attached.




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                Ganesh -


                I have a build that creates a stack.cyacd and app.cyacd.  I would like to combine the two to take advantage of the "Application and stack (combined) update" option from your picture / CySmart.


                The reason for this is that my application is using Upgradeable Stack project and so application image must match the correct stack or else device will not boot / operate correctly.  With two separate files, it is easy for client to update incorrectly and "brick" the device.


                How can I either create the "combined update" file during build or combine the separate stack and app .cyacd files?