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      Hi everyone

      I'm just a beginner in programming with Cypress's products. I've recently used CY8PROTO-063-BLE PSoC 6 BLE Prototyping Kit for some example of my work but the hardware dependency of code example is almost CY8CKIT-062 PSoC6 BLE Pioneer Kit. I think both of them don't have a lots differences so I try to build the example into my prototyping kit. However, the bluetooth signal between my phone and kit aren't continuously connected and in most successful cases are lower than 5 times in total of 30 times. Beside that, the debug result on PUTTY is not perfect. In my opinion, the problem comes from the improper hardware, does it right? If not, what is the problem? and can you introduce some example that corresponded with my PSoC 063 BLE kit.
      Thank you so much !!!