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    Indirect programming using S25FL128S and Artix 7, TBPROT issue


      We have a new board with a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA and a Cypress S25FL128S SPI flash.  I exported a SVF file from Vivado (v2019.2) to be used with our Goepel JTAG tools for programming the S25FL128S device.  This seems to work fine, I can program the SPI flash and the Artix will configure from the SPI flash.  A requirement has come down where I need to lock the bottom 1/4 of the device.  According to the S25FL128S data sheet, I need to set the TBPROT OTP bit in the configuration register to 1 in order to lock the bottom 1/4.  As soon as I do this I can no longer program the SPI flash with the SVF file.  I read the status register and the BP[2..0] bits still read 000, so they are not locked.  The funny thing is, I can still program the SPI flash using Vivado directly.  I can also bit bang data into the flash using boundary scan.  I'm not sure why the SVF file works before setting TBPROT but does not after setting TBPROT.  I also created an SVF file that only contains the erase command.  It seems to work regardless if the TBPROT is set or not.  I am wondering if the program function in the SVF is reading the configuration register and expecting to be 0?  I have reached out to Xilinx, but they have been slow to respond. I was wondering if anyone has seen something like this?