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    Where is the protocol to communicate over CC lines defined?


      What protocol is used to program CCGx parts over the CC lines?

      Where are the Vendor Defined Messages (VDMs) defined?

      Can additional VDMs be defined?

      How can I write my own interface to the CC Bootloader?


      AN218179 'Getting Started with EZ-PD CCG3PA' refers to a "Programming Specifications Document" with a note under availability to "Contact Cypress"


      AN218179 section 4 states, "EZ-PD Configuration Utility: The EZ-PD Configuration Utility is used to read, modify, and update the

      configuration parameters of a CCGx device over the CC line. It is also used to update the application firmware of the CCGx device."


      Cypress EZ-PD Configuration Utility User Manual Section 3.1.2 "Programming over CC Channel" provides the basic setup. Section 4.1.3 "SVID Configuration" clarifies settings to utilize or disable CC Channel communication. There is some additional information in Section 4.12.6 "Default Flashing VID and Index"


      There is a nice example from Lisa that refers to communicating using VDM commands in the post "How to send VDM command to read Cable ID?" @ https://community.cypress.com/message/188535.


      Is there any supporting formal documentation for VDM communication over CC lines?



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          I encountered a similar problem with CY4500. How do you use protocol analysis

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            Hi Greg,


            1. CC bootloader is based on UVDM of CC message which is defined in Power Delivery SPEC.

            2. Those defines in the project folder alt_mode.

            3. Yes, if you want to define additional one, you could refer those code and insert your UVDM.

            4. I guess you need add additional register/command for user define. Currently the CC bootloader is reply on Ez-PD configuration Utility, it is impossible to use the additional register/command if you are not able to customize the Ez-PD configuration Utility. But you can write additional UVDM and add additional SVID and communicate those message with the port which would recognize the UVDM you have been defined.

            5. Programming Specifications Document is 002-22328 for SWD programming Specification.

            6. Currently, there is no formal documentation for VDM communication over CC lines.


            Best Regards,


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