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    Regarding procedure of PSoC4200L software reset.




      Our customer is evaluating CY8C4247LTI-L475.

      They have questions about software reset.


      Please confirm and answer below questions.




      They used Reset() of Cm0Start.c in order to execute software reset.

      But PSoC is frozen after it.


      Is API for software reset “Reset()”?

      Or should they use other API?


      Should they use “CySoftwareReset” if they want to execute software reset?

      (“Reset()” is not used at software reset.)

      Is “Reset()” a reset command for interrupt? And should “Reset()” be used at bootloader?

      (“Reset()” is used at bootloader.)




      Are there any restrictions and procedure when executing software reset?




      Is it OK to execute software reset during I2C communication?

      Or are there any problems?

      For example, PSoC or other I2C devices on same I2C line will hang up at restart if there is a reset before stop condition(so SDA may be locked at low level due to it), software reset is not execute correctly, etc.

      Should software reset is executed after I2C communication is complete if there are any problems?



      Best Regards.

      Yutaka Matsubara