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    BCR (Barrel Connector Replacement) / CYPD3177


      Dear All,,,


      We are reviewing the product to apply to the power sink we are planning.

      I have three questions that I am uncertain about in the review.


      Question 1 :

      This product supports PD Spec. What is it?

      PD3.0 with PSS or PD3.0 without PPS or PD2.0 without PPS?


      Question 2 :

      On the Cypress homepage, this product supports Apple Charging (2.4A), which is described in the product feature.

      However, if I look at the DATASHEET of that product,

      I can't confirm that it supports Apple Charging (2.4A).

      Please check whether this product supports Apple Charging or not???


      Question 3 :

      In the datasheet of the chipset, the D + / D- pin is left unconnected,

      It is recommended to leave D + / D- pin unconnected on the datasheet of this product.
      However, the reference schematic provided in the Evaluation Kit of this product is drawn
      to connect the D + / D- pin of the chipset to the usb type-c connector.
      What should I do with the D + / D- PIN of the chipset?