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    Capsense refresh rate


      Hi, I'm using the code capsense tuner through bluetooth with psoc 4 vb but we have a refresh rate in the tuner of around 5 packets/second, we tried to increase it by decresing the resolution, but then the performances decrease too much. We need a higher refresh rate because we need higher frequency data for data collection. is there a better way to increase the refresh rate? should we act on the bluetooth or on the capsense component?

      thank you

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          Hi dabo_4430311,


          The refresh rate of the Tuner is independent of the CapSense tuning parameters. Tuner is only a graphical viewing tool to monitor and Tune CapSense data. Changing the CapSense parameters will not affect / modify the refresh rate.


          The refresh rate of the tuner is governed by the speed at which your firmware runs (CPU speed), rate at which the buttons are scanned, the BLE throughput and the integrity of the message packets received by Tuner.


          Have you added any other functionality other than the Tuning Over BLE design? We recommend you to use Tuning Over BLE portion of the design as an conditional compilation. It is not required to send CapSense data structure over BLE when the normal application is running.


          In case you want higher refresh rates, you can switch to Asynchronous mode in the Tuner. This will make the communication faster between the Tuner and the PSoC device since the communication is one way. But note that you will not be able to modify the hardware tuning parameters (Resolution, Fsw etc)in async mode. Switch to sync mode just to change the tuning parameters.