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    Scan time and logging file frequency of data


      Hi! I have a question regardin sampling rate for the touchpad widget using PsoC4, CYBLE-214015 . The scan order tab tells me that the total hardware scan time is 5 ms, can you tell me why the centroid position of a trackpad is updated ever 0.3 seconds in the logging file then ? Thanks

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          Hi dabo_4430311


          The scan order tab shows the time it takes for the CapSense hardware to complete the scan of all the widgets. The centroid position is calculated by firmware and depends on how often it is being called in firmware. For example, if there is some other code that uses the CPU resource, then the firmware calculation will take more time to execute even though the CapSense scan is complete in 3 ms.


          In the case mentioned in the thread, I believe some other firmware task is that is delaying the centroid calculation.