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    CYW20735B1 iOS compatability


      With the CYW20735B1 we would need to get iOS IAP2 implemented. Does the firmware already support EA Sessions and Location Updates? Is such a modification allowed with a provided SDK, etc.?

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          Hi DaMa_4624931,


          CYW20735B1 is confirmed to have IAP2 support. See the link below:

          Cypress WICED CYW20735: IAP2 Protocol Library API


          But the thing is, if you want to get IAP2 support and demos in WICED STUDIO, you need to apply to get the implementation files and enable IAP2 features. Refer to the thread below:

          wiced SDK6.2.1 has no iap2 demo


          A good thing is, if you would like to migrate to ModusToolbox, IAP2 support head file 'wiced_bt_iap2.h' are initially available under <wiced_btsdk> from the start, for 20719B2 and 20721B2. (but you still need to apply and provide your MFI license to get it work. Further test showed that only the head files are initially available while the lib files are still missing. But it should be enough for you to start writing codes. Please refer to the answer of MichaelF_56). Look for the head file 'wiced_bt_iap2.h' within <wiced_btsdk> and refer to the SDK documentation listed above, to begin with your development and debug.


          But the bad news is, CYW20735B1 seems unavailable in ModusToolbox for now. You can try other CYW20xxx chips in ModusToolbox or wait until the <wiced_btsdk> support CYW20735B1.



          Sincere regards from C. L.


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            iAP2 requires an MFi license under both WICED and ModusToolbox BT SDK.


            If you require access to the iAP2 libraries, please send a PM (personal message) to community user GregG_16 which contains your 6 digit MFi license number and company name.  Make sure also that your profile on the community correctly reflects your affiliation with the company that purchased the MFi license.