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    FOTA update problem (from BLE v.3.60 to BLE v.3.63)


      Hi there


      I am trying to do Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update via BLE on a PSoC 4 BLE CPU. The FOTA contains BLE stack Update and Application Firmware update.

      When the target CPU has project based on BLE v.3.60 component and the project to update is based on BLE v.3.63, a strange problem occurred. While the FOTA procedure executed without any problem (by using CySmart application on an Android device), the CPU fails to boot after the update. Only the Launcher executed and then nothing.

      If the target CPU contains project based on BLE v.3.63 component the project to update is also based on BLE v.3.63 everything is OK.


      Any idea?

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          Please note that when you are bootloading the application, you have to ensure that the BLE versions of the Stack project and application project should match.


          In your case your application uses BLE version 3.63. But the stack application running on the CPU of the device is 3.60.


          So, in this case you have to bootload the stack project first by changing the BLE version to 3.63. Then once the stack project is bootloaded, you can bootload the actual application.


          The procedure to upgrade the stack project is same. You just have to use .cyacd file of stack project. Please dont forget to upgrade the BLE component in stack project and build it.


          Please do this and update the thread.




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            Hi GaneshD_41


            Much obliged for your fast and on the point response.  Finally I managed to get FOTA upgrade according your advice. 


            But I cannot update the thread as far as no actions allowed


            Best Regards