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    CYPD3196-24LDXS application



      Customer is asking how to set the application circuit using CYPD3196-24LDXS with DCDC-converter.

      DCDC has FB terminal need to be connected to FB pin of CYPD3196. And pullup-R must be 200K Ohm.

      Regarding pulldown-R must be set to meet VBUS=5V inspite of the FB pin voltage on DCDC.

      Is this understanding to set VBUS voltage as 5V correct w/o any problems ?


      And VBUS=5V could not bet set by independently by DCDC itself. It should be set by the boith DCDC and CYPD3196.

      Is this understanding also correct ?

      In the meantime, setting of VBUS=5V is not completed by only DCDC IC.

      Ciorrect ?