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    How to manage WWD Flow Control Errors on SDIO for CYW4334x


      What are the options to mitigate flow control error on SDIO bus when the radio is exposed to a large number of AP (>50)?

      We have noticed performance issues when a client tries to connect to the softAP running on the module and the module itself is running a scan of the network with a large number of APs.


      We are running WICED 6.x and we are hitting the following log:


      WPRINT_MACRO(( "WWD Stats.. \n"

                         "tx_total:%ld, rx_total:%ld, tx_no_mem:%ld, rx_no_mem:%ld\n"

                         "tx_fail:%ld, no_credit:%ld, flow_control:%ld\n",

                         wwd_stats.tx_total, wwd_stats.rx_total, wwd_stats.tx_no_mem, wwd_stats.rx_no_mem,

                         wwd_stats.tx_fail, wwd_stats.no_credit, wwd_stats.flow_control ));


      In the condition described the flow control would start to increase drastically via the wwd_stats.flow_control.


      Is there a way we can prevent the scan to happen when we are already transmitting data? Can we configure the stack to have a better control over when the scan takes place?


      Thank you in advance,