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    PSoC62 How many UART can we use?


      Hi Everyone.

      I'm testing CY8C6247BZI-D54. I have a question about UART.

      My customer want to use 9 Uart. but PSoC62 doesn't seem to support that although It have 9 x SCB blocks..

      Is it right that PSoC62 doesn't use 9 uart port?

      I want to know that there is possible to use.



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          You are correct, the PSoC62 has only 8 SCBs that can be configured as UARTs.


          Question:  Does your customer need 9 UARTs to function simultaneously?

          If not, you can multiplex the input/output of one or more SCBs as long as the UART ports being multiplexed are not operating simultaneously.


          Additionally the USB-FS is commonly used as a UART interface if the host device can be configured as a "COM" device.