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    Can you confirm the CX3 can't read from a 1080p sensor @ 60 fps


      Hi All,


      I am trying to interface the Sony IMX327 sensor with the CX3 and have run into problems configuring the CX3 using the MIPI Receiver configuration tool.


      The sensor's specs are 1080p (1920x1080), RAW10 @ 60fps.  The vertical retrace is 6 lines and horizontal retrace is 20 pixels.  When I enter these parameters, the receiver configuration shows the Output Pixel Clock min and max values are inverted, that is min shows 125.11 MHz and max shows 100 MHz.  Of course no set of values prevents showing an error for this field.  Only if I reduce the frame rate does the inversion disappear.  As I understand it is not possible to reduce the sensor's output rate.  I realize that the output pixel clock isn't actually used, at least in our system, but believe it is signaling some underlying problem.



      Thanks for your help.