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    Characteristic properties


      Hi everyone,


      Can anyone tell me the difference between the different properties of a feature or a page where they explain it?


      Thank you

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          The properties you are seeing in the image are different GATT level properties where GATT Client and GATT server are able to access GATT database. Please refer Volume 3, Part G, Section 3.3 Characteristic definition of BLE 4.2 Spec (attached) for more information about those properties.


          Please refer BLE component datasheet GATT Server and GATT Client APIs section which mentions all the APIs related to those properties.






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            Do you know what is the difference between Notification and Indication in PSoC Creator? And, what is the function of Broadcast like Characteristic Property (The Broadcast which appear in the photo that I attached in the first message)?


            In the official document, it is define like the next, but I dont understand what it can do:


            Broadcast: If set, permits broadcasts of the Characteristic Value using Server Characteristic Configuration Descriptor. If set, the Server Characteristic Configuration Descriptor shall exist.