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    Can I use miniprog4 to program psoc1?




      I bought a miniprog4 to program a CY8C27743A which I believe is a PSOC 1 device. According to this table from the Cypress website it should be possible.


      PSoC ProgrammerMost PSoC 6 devices*


      PSoC 5LP


      PSoC 4


      PSoC 3


      PSoC 1


      FM0+ devices


      USB Type C


      PSoC Creator


      PSoC Designer (for PSoC 1 devices)






      I downloaded PSOC creator 5.4 but the miniprog4 is not recognized.


      PSOC creator also reports issues with ADOBE and can't display certain files, but this should not prevent programming.


      I can see the miniprog4 in PSOC programmer 3.28.4 but this apparently can't program a PSOC 1 device.


      Any suggestions?




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          Hi ansc_4633906,


          We are sorry for the confusion. MiniProg4 doesnot support PSoC 1 device programing. You can find this information in the MiniProg4 product homepage. -

          Hope this helps,


          Thanks and Regards,

          Rakshith M B

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            My apologies that this web page was confusing. It does treat both MiniProg3 and MiniProg4 as the same, and clearly implies you can program any part with either probe. Which is not true. As Rakshith noted, you cannot program a PSoC 1 with MiniProg4.


            I will fix the page. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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              The page has been updated. It may take a bit for the change to make it through caches and such, but fixed. MiniProg4 is now  identified as supporting P4, 5, and 6 with PSoC Programmer.


              Again, my apologies for the confusion, and thanks for bringing it up.


              I suspect you can return the MiniProg4 if you want. It doesn't function as you expected and that's our fault. If you purchased from Cypress directly and you have any problem with that, tell them to find me: James Trudeau. I hereby volunteer to run interference internally. That might be more involved with a distributor, but if there are problems, ping me.



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