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    PSOC5Lp Burn out after external EMP


      I have a device based on CY8C5888LTQ-LP097. Everything works great while I have it on my desk.

      But in combat conditions, the MCU burns immediately or in a few days.

      Only MCU burns down.
      HighVoltage parts , all  TVS , All  zener , mosfet and LDO   - all surrounding components are operational.


      MCU  burned after  external Spark ~ about 2m from device. My device fully insulated with double EMC\ESD shild .

      MCU suplied from 2x  5v LDO  (one for Analog and One for Digital )

      HV part fully  isolated

      i found only one layout error : Vccd1 and Vccd2 not  connected  together + maybe capacitor on vccd1 & vccd2 10uF instead of recommended 1Uf.
      May this cause problemm  ?



      Could you please have a look and check if there is anything wrong? have anyone an idea what can be the problem?



      Thanks in advance,