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    CYPD3120 - USB Bootloader GUI and ADC


      1). We are develop product using CCGx SDK - CYPD3120.

      it can FW upgrade by EZ-PD configuration utility but we need to customize it.

      so please provide USB Bootloader windows F/W upgrade GUI example code to us .


      2). We also try ADC  function on P2_4 pin and connect a VR (Variable Resistor) to P2_4 pin.

           below is our test code  :

           hsiom_set_config (GPIO_PORT_2_PIN_4, HSIOM_MODE_AMUXA);

           adc_level = pd_adc_sample(0, PD_ADC_ID_1, PD_ADC_INPUT_AMUX_A);

           hsiom_set_config (GPIO_PORT_2_PIN_4, HSIOM_MODE_GPIO);



           test result : P2_4 input voltage = 0 ~ 3.3V , level = 0 ~ 0xB5


           We get adc_level ragne is 0 ~ 0xB5, not what we expected 0 ~ 0xFF ( full range )

           How to solve it ?