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    system sleep


      My system is an STM32F411RE interfaced to the Murata 1DX (based on the Cypress CYW4343W.) The Future Nebula board was the basis for our design and platform.


      While I know how to put the STM32F411 into standby and sleep modes, it isn't clear to me what the proper method for putting the WIFI and BLE stacks to sleep is. Is there an SDK call that I should make prior to putting the STM32F411 to sleep? After going into this deep sleep mode, I would like to wake up using the STM32's WKUP pin.

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          You can use 802.11 powersave to put the Wi-Fi stack to sleep. Please check the Powersave App note for more information and snip.tcp_client_powersave for example code. You can use wiced_wifi_set_listen_interval() to set the listen interval before calling wiced_network_up to ensure that the STA sets the listen interval in the association request frame. You can use wiced_wifi_enable_powersave_with_throughput() if Wi-Fi throughput is of concern, otherwise you can use the standard 802.11 PS-Poll powersave mode.



          Regarding BLE, please refer to this thread Murata 1LD power consumption/Sleep

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