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    Question about MFi



      I've tried to get that information from the Web, but couldn't find any defenitive answer.


      Let's say that I'm developing a device "A". That device has several attributes that can be modified and queried and some states that could be toggled by the user. ( i.e. turn on the light, etc. ).


      Assuming that the device would have the apple auth chip, and that the software for the device would be included in the device's firmware - would the end user be able to use the device *without* installing any device-specific software ?


      ( and by "use" I mean to take advantage of the fact that the device is more expensive, etc. )


      The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to determine the "value" of the MFi feature for my application. I'm sure that with some accompanied software, a device could be accessed. but I was wondering if I could avoid having a iOS-specific application code of being written.