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    how to close 5G band?


      We designed an embedded tablet based on rk3288.wifi chip is  cyw4354.Operating system is Linux + QT.

      Now,we want the wifi chip to work only in the 2.4G band,how to close 5G band?

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             Are you using a DHD structure driver for the tuning ?  Can you use wl tool for the debug?

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            I am using linux driver for debugging,I  can't use wl tool.

            I can only use the following instructions for debugging

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              I think the best way is  to re-compile the wpa_supplicant to disable 5G band.

              It will send command to driver layer to disable 5G band completely .



              ** Uplayer uses "SET SETBAND AUTO/5G/2G" in order to set band

              ** Now send "SETBAND 0/1/2" command to driver.


              static int nl80211_set_band(void *priv, enum set_band band)


                     int ret = 0;

                     char buff[15];

                     char cmdbuff[15];

                     int cmd_size = 15;

                     if ((!priv) || (band<0) || (band>=3))

                             return -1;

                     ret = os_snprintf(buff, sizeof(buff), "SETBAND %1d", band);

                     if (os_snprintf_error(sizeof(buff), ret))

                             return -1;

                     ret = wpa_driver_nl80211_driver_cmd(priv, buff, cmdbuff, cmd_size);

                     return ret;


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