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    CCG3PA as PD Only Sink device.


      Hi All,


      I've a ccg3pa DVK kit and configured it as only PD Snk using EZ-PD Configuration utility (expecting there should not be DRP toggle further).

      But After a successful PD contract using above configured ccg3pa if I Turn-off Miniprog power supply using bridge control utility and turn-on again and manual detach DUT, we're observing a DRP toggle with Snk configured ccg3pa which is not expected and not as per our requirement.


      For reference I attached the Capture of the issue. please find attachment.


      Steps I followed to reproduce this issue :

      1. Configure ccg3pa as PD Sink only device using EZ-PD Configuration utility and able to see no DRP toggle on CC lines after that.

      2. Dump the respective FW to CCg3pa after saving config.c file in common folder of respective project using Miniprog.

      3. After loading FW, connect miniprog and provide 3.3v using bridge control utility so that ccg3pa will be turned-on.

      4. Connect any Provider only/DRP DUT for PD contract.

      5. After a Successful PDC, with DUT still connected turn-off 3.3v power supply to miniprog using bridge control utility.

          You'll observe PDC still exists (Issue-1).

      6. Now Turn-on 3.3v supply to miniprog using bridge control utility, You'll see a hardreset and PDC after that. Why Hard reset is seen ? (Issue-2).

      7. Now If we manually remove/Detach connected DUT we'll observed ccg3pa going into DRP mode.Hence CC lines will be toggling (Issue-3). which is unexpected!


      Are above Issues 1,2 and 3 expected ?

      Is my understanding correct here ? or Is there any specific configuration that could be affecting this so that I can disable ?


      Can anyone please help me sort these issues out.


      EDIT 1 :

      In step1 along with mentioned step, also in config.h file alter

      /* Enable hardware based DRP toggle for additional power saving. */

      #define CCG_HW_DRP_TOGGLE_ENABLE  to  (0u)



      Thanks in Advance.




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          Hi Pranay,


          May I know why you need 3.3V from miniProg3 for CCG3PA power on. CCG3PA can be powered by VBUS_IN_DISCHARGE and VDDD. Is there any specified requirements for this?

          If you are very assured your power supply, you have to take a look the firmware  of VBUS regulator control inside of CCG3PA. Since the VBUS regulator will be enabled and disabled as per difference power states. The API relates this behavior is void pd_hal_disable_vreg(uint8_t port).


          Please assure your firmware is following this:

          If system has external VDDD source, internal VBUS regulator shall be turned off.


          You manually turn on and turn off the VDDD is not follow the firmware expects.


          We can assured that the Rp and Rd toggle will be disabled if the port configure set as SINK only and Rp-Rd toggle is disabled.


          Best Regards,