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    MeshClient: can't connect to a node



      I haven't been able to connect the node for a while from MeshClient.

      Here is fragment of log:


      17:58:37.744 Net transmit set addr:0001 count:3 interval:50

      17:58:37.760 Net Transmit Status from:1 count:3 interval:50

      17:58:37.775 Default TTL set addr:0001 TTL:63

      17:58:37.775 Default TTL Status from:1 TTL:63 Received TTL:63

      17:58:37.807 Beacon set addr:0001 state:0

      17:58:37.807 Beacon Status from:1 state:0

      17:58:37.807 Network opened

      17:58:37.822 done


      17:58:43.197 Proxy Connect type:1

      17:58:50.209 Net Connect Proxy Connection status provisioner:0 connected:0 over_gatt:1


      Does exist a workaround.