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    CCG2 Paddle Card Design using CY4502 and EZ-PD Configuration Utility


      I am trying to implement the CCG2 Paddle Card Reference Design using the CY4502 and CY4501 development kits. The reference design and files I am using are from here: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-designs/ez-pd-ccg2-electronically-marked-cable-assembly-emca-paddle-card


      I followed the directions for Batch Programming of EMCA Cables in the EZ-PD Configuration Utility User Manual (section 3.2.2), but when I try to program the CY4502 board the 'Start' button is always greyed out (screen shot below). I am using v1.2 build 287 of the EZ-PD Config Utility. I programmed the CY4504 Host board with the FlashUtil in the EZ-PD Config Utility Firmware folder.


      How can I get the 'Start' button to be active?