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    WICED OpenOCD's HALT command does not run on new platform




      We made a PCB that Our cortex Microcontroller platform and the SB-WN-S01 Wi-Fi module connected with a SDIO serial interface for a project.

      Before New platform drivers porting, We have set OpenOCD Debugging tools provided by WICED-SDK.

      To support WICED-SDK OpenOCD Debug interface we use, We had added a ftdi2232 OpenOCD interface to openocd source and built with MinGW32.

      And, we confirmed that the debugging of BCM943362WCD4 with OpenOCD interface added newly is well done.

      Next, we tried to connect the debugging MCU platforms and the new board with this, But the HALT command from the JTAG does not run, Core has been maintained in the running state.

      Although it is confirmed that the board and is connected to the JTAG, The Halt command of JTAG does not affect MCU.

      For reference, I confirmed that the debugging using KEIL or ARM GNU OpenOCD tool on our platform works well.



      So, I have some below questions... and I want to solve this problem ASAP...


      Q1. Is there a circuit or chip design requirements for using tools provided by OpenOCD WICED-SDK?

      Q2. How to access and write on flash memory of new platform using openocd of WICED-SDK for download compiled data?


      Thank you for reading this.