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    CYBLE-416045-02 - Impossible to start Capsense


      Hi community,


      I coded a FreeRTOS program in the CY8CKIT-062-BLE Development Board, this program handles BLE, Capsense, GPIOs, Uart and I2C.

      The electrical department made a board with the CYBLE-416045-02, So on Modus Toolbox, I changed the target and rebuild.

      When I loaded the code in the custom board, nothings happen as usual for the first load, So I debugged it, the code crashes at the first line of the main, the cybsp_init function. I commented on this line and the next crash was the enabling of Capsense.


         /* Initialize the device and board peripherals */

         result = cybsp_init();

         /* Board init failed. Stop program execution */

          if (result != CY_RSLT_SUCCESS)






      static cy_status capsense_init(void)


          cy_status status;



          /* CapSense interrupt configuration parameters */

          static const cy_stc_sysint_t capSense_intr_config =


              .intrSrc = csd_interrupt_IRQn,

              .intrPriority = CAPSENSE_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY,




          /*Initialize CapSense Data structures */

          status = Cy_CapSense_Init(&cy_capsense_context);

          if(CY_RET_SUCCESS == status)


              /* Initialize CapSense interrupt */

              Cy_SysInt_Init(&capSense_intr_config, &capsense_isr);





              /* Register end of scan callback */

              status = Cy_CapSense_RegisterCallback(CY_CAPSENSE_END_OF_SCAN_E,

                      capsense_end_of_scan_callback, &cy_capsense_context);



              if(CY_RET_SUCCESS == status)


                  /* Initialize the CapSense firmware modules. */

                  status = Cy_CapSense_Enable(&cy_capsense_context);




          return status;



      To finish, I also tried to launch the program in the CY8CKIT-063-BLE and it also crashes to the enabling of Capsense (Cy_CapSense_Enable()) .


      Someone tries to use the Capsense library with CYBLE-416045-02 and Modus Toolbox ?

      The code is joined to the post, any suggestions can help me do not hesitate