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    CY8CKIT Current draw


      Hi everyone,


      I was wondering if someone knew what the Current drawn by the CY8CKIT was?


      I have searched through the datasheets and the other papers, but so far come up with nothing.  There is lots of information like the schematic, but nothing with values.


      I appreciate it may differ depending on what the kit is being used for, but if that is the case how can the values be used in calculating circuit design?  Is there a standard used as a replacement?


      Many thanks for any help received.



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          As far as I'm aware, there are no current consumption specified for any of the kits or eval boards.  This is because the current used depends on the state of the CPU and the internal and external peripherals running.  These are all application dependent.   Therefor to estimate the current consumption, you will need to determine which state the CPU is operating (Active, Standby, Sleep, Hibernation, etc) and which peripherals are turned on.  The internal peripherals such as ADCs, CapSense and others are listed in the datasheet for the PSoC chip you are using.  For the currents of external peripherals, you will have to consult the datasheets of these devices/circuits.


          Each CY8CKIT has an in-line 0 ohm resistor and an unpopulated jumper header from the KitProg board to the Target Board.  If you remove this resistor and place a multi-meter in current measurement mode, you can read the actual current of the target board.



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            HI Len,


            Many thanks for your quick response and the information given.


            I’ll have a look at the datasheet for the PSoC chip and also look at measuring the current of the target board.


            Your help is greatly appreciated.