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    Low power Led in Cyw920820evb-02


      Hi, I have two queries regarding Bluetooth mesh using CYW920820EVB-02.


      1. I am trying to build the application 'Low power on/off server with three dimmable lights' which is mentioned as use case #2 in AN227069. Accordingly I have programmed three 820 kits as dimmable light and one 820 as low power led (Low power node). For low power led I have cloned the code from Github and imported it in modus 1.1. The code was successfully downloaded in the kit. But when I am trying to connect the mesh network by provisioning (with mesh controller android app), the low power led is not advertising where as other three dimmable bulbs are advertising successfully and getting provisioned. Is there any specific parameter change that has to be done in the code of Github for low power led? What could be the issue over here?


      2. Secondly I want to increase the range of bluetooth mesh by adding more nodes to the mesh as relay, friend and low power nodes in a single application. How that can be done?


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Low power node in mesh network may go to sleep after a period of time, and when it is in sleep it does not advertise mesh unnprovisioned beacons. Please press the reset button on the board and then scan for the unprovisioned beacons from the mesh helper app (mesh mobile app, meshclient).


          By default the sleep timeout is configured as 30 second. After 30 seconds the device goes to sleep.

          You can change this time by changing startup_unprovisioned_adv_to (of wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_low_power_t) in  the application.



          Please  set the configurations in wiced_bt_mesh_core_config_t mesh_config structure in the application.

          ".features: The ‘features’ parameter of this structure is defined as ‘0’. This means that the Dimmer Switch does not support Proxy, Friend, Relay or LPN features. You can enable these features by changing the appropriate bits in the ‘features’ parameters as required.

          For example, make the following change to enable the Friend and Relay features:



          Please go through\ https://www.cypress.com/file/473921/download  for more info.




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